prefabricated beams

prefabricated trellis beams

travetti prefabbricati, travetti

Prefabricated trellis beams are required for construction benefits in the field of light prefabrication.

The trellis slabs consist of a triangular truss of steel B450C or B450A connected to a brick base (base = 12 cm.) By means of vibratory concrete casting, it has a characteristic resistance of Rck≥ 30 N / mmq.

The 12.5 cm standard height trellis is made up of 3 irons (2 ø 5 lower and 1 ø 7 upper) connected with electrowelded brackets ø 5.

The weight of the material is estimated at about 10 kg / ml.

Based on the calculations, the floor height, loads and floor constraints, the additional steel reinforcement B450C is measured.

The main features of this mixed structure slab, brickwork and brick blocks are:


light weight with consequent ease of assembly


Effective connection to carriers (beams in reinforced concrete)


monolithic features and therefore suitability for use in seismic zones


can also be used for special lights and overloads

The production of the trellis is carried out in our factory on modern automated systems to provide a high quality product and reliability in accordance with current regulations (DM 14/01/2008 "Technical Standards for Construction").

The supply of the base is always accompanied by the relevant CE and DOP certificates (Performance Declaration, EU 305/2011), final drawings for floor mounting, directions for proper use, handling and storage, or any reinforcement kits, and, if required, the calculation reports signed by our technician.

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